Steampunk Hairstyles For Gals

Steampunk Hair

Photo Credit: SoulStealer On Flickr

O.K. So you’ve just got yourself a fabulous Steampunk outfit, that you’ve either made for yourself (clever ol’ you) or you’ve bought from the super selection on this site =)

Now what are you going to do about your Barnet Fair? (this is Cockney rhyming slang for hair by the way)

Seeing as you’ve gone to the trouble of looking dapper in your new togs, don’t let your hair let you down (I think that was from an old ad for hairspray…oh well).

Now here is another chance to be really creative with your crowning glory. Ah, the beauty and diversity of Steampunk!

While you don’t have to do anything particular with your hair to portray your Steampunk look, it seems kind of a waste not to go the whole hog and make something really special of it.

Check out ‘Aly Punk’ here on the right. Pretty darn clever eh?

This Steampunk beauty has made clever use of belts in her steampunk hair-do. How cool is that?

Go have a good old search around your local thrift store or charity shop and see if you can collect old belts to try out the same look!

It won’t cost a fortune and the result will be pretty spectacular.


Steampunk Hair

Photo Credit: SoulStealer On Flickr


This Steampunk hair is real eye-catcher!

It shows how you add ribbons and ringlet hair peices to create an amazing look.

But take a look at the ship/hat!

Now that is really creative.

You can do something similar by placing a toy/model ship inside of a mini hat and dressing it up with parts of old watches, brooches and clips which again can be found at thrift stores and charity shops.

I love this look. It shows that with a little imagination, you can have a unique look going on that is totally Steampunk.

I’ll bet she had fun putting all that together too!


Steampunk hairstyles also incorporate dreads, beads, lace, leather. Anything goes really! How about a wig?

You can also get inspiration for your Steampunk hair from browsing through old Victorian images. There are tons of these available on the web.


Steampunk Hair


Steampunk Hair



The Victorians had masses of curled hair in up-do’s or buns, gathered at the back of the head…and not all of that hair was their own!

Try some up-do’s of your own, pinned with some Steampunk hair accessories. If you prefer to leave your hair down, that’s fine too! Steampunk is a fantasy after all, so there are no hard and fast rules.

If have short hair, try going for a tousled spiky look and experiment with some fantasy colouring!


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